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Our Purpose
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A Time Honored Tributes memorial is a celebration of one's life. A collection of thoughts, stories, photos, spoken words and video captured and preserved online to be shared with current and future generations.

The purpose of Time Honored Tributes is to help families build and preserve the many great memories and stories of their lives. Time Honored Tributes is unique. Unlike a collection of photo albums or videos that can only be in one place at a time, a Time Honored Tributes site can be viewed by family and friends at anytime from anywhere.

One of the most important things we can leave our future generations is our thoughts and memories. However, capturing and sharing these has continued to be a challenge since the beginning of time. At a family members passing, family and friends often gather and take the time to share their personal stories and memories of the loved one. As time passes these precious stories and memories are often forgotten. Time Honored Tributes enables families to preserve them forever.

Time Honored Tributes: Capture the moments of life --- forever!

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