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  1. How do I redeem my gift certificate?
    Click the Buy Now button on the site and follow the instructions. When it is time to make a payment you will be asked to input your gift certificate number. The process is very user friendly.
  2. How do friends and relatives post tributes to the site?
    They simply go to the site and click on “Add a Written Story” and follow the easy instructions.
  3. Do I get to approve written stories before they appear on the site?
    Absolutely. When a new tribute is posted you will be notified by email. After reading the tribute you choose whether or not to add it to the site. No tributes will ever be added without your approval.
  4. What is the demo tour?
    The demo tour is a great way to learn more about how Time Honored Tributes works. It describes many of the features and benefits of the site and helps to show how online memorials are helping families during their time of loss. Please make sure to take the tour if you have not already done so.
  5. Can I ever make changes to the site?
    The site is yours. You can change pictures as often as you like. People often start out by putting the obituary in the biography section and change it as time goes on. You control your site.
  6. Can anybody view our Time Honored Tributes site?
    You will be given the option to make your site public or private. Public sites can be viewed by anyone. If you choose to make your site private, you will be given a password that you can share with your family and friends. Only those that know the password will be able to view your site.
  7. How do I get started?
    Go to the Buy Now button and start entering your information. Simply follow the instructions and have your gift certificate number ready.
  8. Is there a help desk number I can call if I have a problem?
    Yes. Our toll free number is 1-816-792-1419.
Need More Help? Call 1-816-792-1419
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